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ACEM’s Industry Research Impact: Programs for Success

Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) has devised concrete programs in industry research (in China). These initiatives prepare students for real-world research experiences and global insights.

Antai Global Corporate Lab Program: Real-World Research Experience

ACEM’s Antai Global Corporate Lab Program is a testament to their commitment to practical research. In this program, students work on real business challenges alongside multinational corporate partners. The students can gain hands-on experience, applying research skills to solve practical problems.

The program doesn’t just teach theory; it immerses students in the actual challenges faced by businesses. Graduates of the Antai Global Corporate Lab Programs are well-prepared to conduct research that has real-world impact, making a meaningful contribution to industry advancement.

SJTU-UBC International MBA Program: A Global Perspective

The collaborative SJTU-UBC International MBA Program offers students a global perspective that is invaluable for industry research. By combining the strengths of two leading institutions, ACEM ensures that students are exposed to a wealth of international insights.

Through this program, they gain a deep understanding of business research in a global context. Cross-cultural collaboration fosters a rich learning environment where ideas flow freely. Graduates of this program are well-poised to contribute to industry research in China with a global mindset.


In conclusion, ACEM’s Antai Global Corporate Lab Program and SJTU-UBC International MBA Program offer concrete pathways for students to gain real-world research experience and global perspectives. They are not just programs; they are launchpads for success in Industry Research (in China) that makes a difference.

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