Discover How to Play Question 3 More Effectively for Your Reference

Place a bet 3 pins is a familiar concept to many online lottery players. Not only is it simply a form of betting, playing number 3 correctly also helps players increase their odds of winning big. So how to play 3 more effectively? See the following article now for detailed instructions from New88 today on how to play 3-digit winning numbers.

What is topic 3?

Thread 3 claws known as one of the popular forms of lottery betting. Not only northern lottery players but most southern and central lottery players also often choose this type of lottery because the betting efficiency is very high.

Topicnot What is more?

Playing number 3 is understood as the player participating in predicting the last 3 numbers of the special prize in the lottery results table at a certain station. Thread 3 claws is considered a form of betting that brings high profits, especially when players participate in online betting at online bookies. Therefore, this form attracts a lot of participation from bettors.

Question 3: How much does it cost?

It is known that it is one of the types of lottery bets with high reward rates, so how much does it cost to bet on 3? Actually, the hit rate 3 pins is quite low. Players need to apply statistical experience and choose numbers over a long period of time. Accordingly, the player’s winning rate when betting 3 numbers will be:

  • In the traditional form of betting, players betnot The jackpot will receive a bonus rate of 1 to 400. Specifically: when you bet 10,000 VND on the number 3 on a certain station. When winning that number, the player receives a reward of 4,000,000 VND.
  • In the form of online betting, players participate in betting not You will have a chance to receive a reward rate of 1 to 960, 2 times higher than traditional betting.

How much does the three-digit number cost?

With attractive payout rates, bet 3 pins attracts a lot of attention and participation from fellow bettors. However, choosing and winning number 3 is never easy.

Discover how to play number 3 more effectively

To help players have more effective ways to search for the number 3, here are some prediction experiences drawn from leading betting experts, players can completely test and get results. .

How to bet effectively

3-card white card lottery

To predict 3 more effectively, players can apply the method of setting up a 3-card lottery. Accordingly, players perform statistics and find the lot with the highest chance of exploding. Players combine numbers with the numbers given the previous day to form a lottery.

Besides, you can also apply statistical methods to find numbers. For effective statistics, players are required to record the daily kqxs table. Based on the previous day’s lottery results table to synthesize and set up a lottery for the next day.

Catch the problem based on the shadow of the total number

According to the rule of the five elements of yin and yang, the total shadow will consist of two types: negative shadow and positive shadow. According to these two silhouettes, we have the following pairs of numbers:

  • Shadows: 1:4, 3:6, 0:7, 2:9.
  • Positive shadow: 1:6, 3:8, 5:0, 2:7, 4:9

Players choose numbers according to the previous day’s total rules. In case the total of the numbers is more than 10, the player proceeds to add each number in turn and find the shadow of that number. In addition, the player can also use a pair of numbers according to the ball combined with the selected white player number to create a number 3 pins and use hit.
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Get topics based on day and date

Many players have tested this method of catching threadsnot more and more day by day. The winning efficiency is estimated to be over 50%. To implement this method, the player first combines the day with the day to create a set of 3 claws.

When making numbers, players will create many different 3-digit numbers. Eliminating numbers that appear frequently will help players achieve higher betting efficiency.

Choose topic3 claws according to special prize

Players can absolutely perform 3-card prediction according to special prizes. Specifically, the player chooses any 2 numbers in the special prize of the lottery results table. Next, match them one by one with the last number of prize 7 in the same kqxs table. Match each number in turn and create a lottery, then play in the following days.


Above is a summary of basic information about prediction and playing methods 3 pins effective. Hopefully with the above sharing, bettors will have more options when participating in betting and achieving success with their bets.

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