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Discover the DNL JK70-RT250Z Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel for Caravan

DNL, a renowned brand in the trailer jack industry, introduces their top-selling product, the JK70-RT250Z heavy duty jockey wheel for caravan. With its exceptional features and high-quality construction, they have quickly become the go-to option for caravan enthusiasts worldwide. Let’s explore why this heavy-duty jockey wheel stands out from the competition.

Unmatched Load Capacity and Reliability

The JK70-RT250Z heavy duty jockey wheel boasts an impressive load capacity of 500kg, making it ideal for heavy caravans and trailers. Made from mild steel, this durable design ensures reliability even in demanding conditions. Caravan owners can feel confident knowing their trailers are supported by a jockey wheel built to last.

Innovative Features for Convenient Usage

With its semiautomatic turnover and pedal locking mechanism, this heavy-duty jockey wheel offers convenient operation. The space-saving foldable crank allows for easy storage without compromising on stability. Its silent operation and ergonomic knob further enhance the user experience, minimizing fatigue during usage.


The DNL JK70-RT250Z heavy duty jockey wheel for caravan is a game-changer in the industry. Its robust construction, high load capacity, and corrosion-resistant hot dip galvanization ensure longevity and performance in various environments. The foldable crank and ergonomic knob add convenience, while the concise bracket design showcases DNL’s commitment to effective and efficient engineering. With the tri-corn rim design enhancing stability, customers can trust this heavy-duty jockey wheel to provide secure and stable performance throughout their travels.

Investing in the DNL JK70-RT250Z heavy-duty jockey wheel for caravan guarantees reliability, durability, and ease of use. Whether you are a seasoned caravan enthusiast or a first-time traveler, they have engineered the perfect solution to meet your needs. Upgrade your caravan’s jockey wheel with DNL and experience the difference yourself.

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