Healthy High Vibration Foods Contain Life-Giving, Energy Substances

When you eat only foods that are in a high vibration, your body performs and operates by God’s Universal Law. It becomes a self-starting, self-cleansing, self-governing, self-generating instrument! We want you to live by Mother Nature’s and God’s Laws so your body will be a fine working instrument at every age. If you desire to retain the vivaciousness, vitality, energy and enthusiasm of youth.


#1 Cause of Sickness

People don’t die of infectious conditions as such, but of malnutrition that allows the germs to gain a foothold in sickly bodies. Bad nutrition is usually one of the main causes of noninfectious, degenerative or fatal conditions. When the body has its full vitamin and Dr. Koop & Patricia mineral quota plus precious potassium, it’s impossible for germs to get a foothold in its healthy bloodstream and tissues!

Apples are a rich source of potassium, as vital to soft tissues of the body as calcium is to bones and harder tissues. Potassium, the mineral of youthfulness is the “artery softener,” keeping the body’s arteries flexible and resilient. It fights dangerous viruses and bacteria. An old fashioned folk medicine, apples and the skins have quercetin, a flavonoid – potent anti-oxidant, also found in green tea and our favorite red onions.

Fight Arthritis with Apple Cider Vinegar

Eat 60% to 70% healthy raw foods (organic is best), drink 8 glasses of pure distilled water (free of chemicals & inorganic minerals) and daily take your multi vitamin-mineral supplements, kelp and alfalfa tablets, aloe gel or juice, cod liver oil.

Upon arising, an hour before lunch and also hour before dinner have your delicious Bragg Vinegar Health Cocktail (see recipe page 114). Also, sprinkle Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar or Ginger Dressing (pg. 146) over your salads and steamed greens.

Keep Your Joints and Tissues Youthful

Most people have lost their normal contact with Mother Nature and simple, natural living. They no longer know how to eat the simple way God intended. If you suffer from prematurely old joints and hardened tissues, take the ACV mixture three times daily. Eliminate animal proteins and diary products. Stop using all refined sugars, products and beverages! You soon will see how youthful your body will begin to look and feel. After several months on The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle and the ACV and honey cocktail taken 3 times daily, you will find that joint stiffness and misery starts vanishing. You will discover you can walk or run up stairs without effort! You will notice that you look younger and feel younger than you have in years!

Your Waistline is Your Life-Line, Date-Line and Health-Line!

Get a tape measure and measure your waist. Write down the measurement. If you consciously pursue vigorous abdominal and postural exercises combined with correct eating and a weekly 24 hour fast (and, later on, 3 to 7 day fasts), in a short time you’ll see a more trim and youthful waistline. Studies show the bigger the waistline – the shorter the lifespan. Trim waistlines can make people appear years younger! Now, let’s get yours down to where it should be, if it has grown too big and fat. It’s a trim, lean horse for the long race of life! I’m sure we all want to enjoy longevity! Living The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle is wonderful! Each day is a precious gift to honor, cherish, guard, and treasure, for the healthy life is truly so rewarding and beautiful!

People Over-Stuff & Abuse Their Stomachs

Most people abuse their stomachs! You can’t overeat dead, empty-calorie foods night and day and tell yourself that it won’t harm or show on you! You are completely wrong! Devitalized foods create toxic poisons inside your body and add unhealthy, flabby inches to your stomach and body. Don’t overeat even healthy foods, for your body only needs enough food (fuel) to maintain energy. When you see obese people, it’s usually because they have over-stuffed their bodies with too much food. Flesh is dumb.

Bragg Posture Exercise Promotes Youthfulness

Tighten the butt, suck in stomach muscles, lift up ribcage and stretch up the spine. Keep the chest up and out, shoulders back and lift the chin up slightly and line the spine up straight (nose plumb line straight to belly button). Drop the hands to the sides and swing arms to normalize your posture. Do this exercise before a mirror and see miraculous changes. You are retraining and strengthening your muscles to sit, stand and walk tall and straight for more youthfulness and health!


If you are hypersensitive to certain foods, you must omit them from your diet! There are hundreds of allergies and of course it’s impossible here to take up each one. Many have allergies to milk, wheat, or some are allergic to all grains. Visit web: Your daily journal will help you discover and accurately pinpoint the foods and situations causing you problems. Start your journal today.

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