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Trang chủ Hi88 Currently, it is one of the most prestigious football news and services websites currently. You can comfortably watch the football videos you missed, or watch the match live with unexpected football moves. Let’s see information about this website now!

Introducing the websiteHi88

Update sports results online quickly onHi88

To help you better understandHi88, then we will in turn introduce the core information of the website.

History begin

Seeing the difficulty of fans in watching football news and the development of the internet,Hi88 established a page specializing in synthesizing and updating football news, then posted the information they found publicly on the website.

At first, the working process was a bit difficult, because the staff was still young. But that doesn’t mean we give up bringing news to everyone. Day after day, under constant effort and effort, the websiteHi88 has become one of the most reputable, quality and popular football news websites at the present time.


It can be seen that up to now there are still not many websites that provide truly quality and reputable football news. That’s why the vision ofHi88 is to become a place to update and watch quality football news, to help all football lovers in Vietnam know more betting knowledge. From there, increasing the winning rate of players at the bookies.


Mission ofHi88 is to always quickly and promptly bring accurate information that has just happened in the football world. We also want to make users’ football watching experience the best possible. Therefore, the image quality of live streaming of football tournaments on the website is also constantly improving.

To be able to help everyone who loves Vietnamese football have moments to watch matches or news with super quality and fast.Hi88 wants to help people satisfy their small need for entertainment after hard and tiring working hours.


Hi88 Set a goal for yourself to become one of the places to report and watch quality football. Helps players receive timely information and integrate into the world’s most classy football sports atmosphere.

Football categories are provided by Watch Soccer

Watch Soccer: Complete information about soccer tournaments

What features do these categories have and how will they help you watch football news? Please explore these stories now.

Football result

If you are someone who loves watching football but is too busy and can’t watch football matches, that’s okay. InHi88 There is a category called soccer results. It isHi88 Developed to help you know the results of the matches that took place that day whether you watched the match live or not.

Football results table atHi88 is also very diverse and rich. You can view any competition results in each ongoing tournament in this section. And you can rest assured that the accuracy and authenticity of these soccer results are also very high. Because they are all taken from official news sites of each season.

Football calendar

Full and detailed football match schedule

In addition to the match results section, the football calendar is also one of the features that many people love atHi88. Hi88 will get information about the team’s playing time from the tournament management boards. Afterward,Hi88 then synthesize that news and post it on the website to bring it to readers.

When you read these match schedules, you will know the time and location of each match. From there you can arrange everything like household chores to go watch the match live at the stadium. Or if you don’t like crowded places, you can sit at home, turn on your phone and watch live video. This category is considered by many users to be one of the most convenient and useful features atHi88.

Soccer odds

If you are a person who likes soccer bettingHi88 can also help you synthesize soccer odds of ongoing tournaments. To have a soccer odds table for your reference, the experts ofHi88 You have to work for many hours analyzing and calculating the strength of the teams to be able to produce a table like that.

After getting the results of the rate table,Hi88 Then take it to review and compare with the ratio tables of reputable places in the profession before bringing it to readers. Therefore, the accuracy of the odds table in Hi88 has very high accuracy, is trusted and often used by many betting lovers

Check odds

Evaluate and predict match results

Next is the odds section, this is also one of the useful featuresHi88 Focus on the strongest development to be able to provide quality betting results for users. This feature is used to predict and select quality soccer betting results. So that readers can refer to and make betting decisions to help you win easily and receive bonuses.

Until now, the odds section is still one of the most loved and trusted features by everyone. To be able to bet accuratelyHi88 It took a lot of effort to invest and develop it.Hi88 I hope readers will come and try this betting feature once to know how good it really is.

Comments before the match

Determining wins and losses accurately before a match is extremely difficult to do. Because this requires the person making the comments to have a lot of football knowledge and experience. And for the above reason, almost everyone watching football cannot make pre-match comments.

Realizing that,Hi88 spent a lot of effort to hire football experts. Then ask them to analyze and calculate and then make really quality pre-match comments for readers. To make those judgments, experts fromHi88 spent a lot of time researching the recent competition data of the two teams, or more importantly, the health and performance of the players.

Therefore the comments atHi88 All have high accuracy because they are analyzed and calculated scientifically and have a clear basis.

Direct link

Direct access to watch the match online

Every time you hear that there are exciting and dramatic matches about to take place, you have to run around to find the link to watch them live, right? If you are in such a situation then please visitHi88 Let’s go now. Because every time there is a match,Hi88 immediately went looking for links to stream the match live for everyone.

These links are fine tooHi88 Very strict selection and filtering. Only live streaming links have high resolution, sound and images must be vividHi88 Just took it back and gave it to everyone. So every time there’s a football match you like coming up, don’t go anywhere but go inHi88 right Please.

Football ranking

For people who are passionate and love football, the rankings are extremely important. Recognize user needs immediatelyHi88 immediately created a football rankings for everyone.

Through these football rankings you will learn a lot of useful information about the teams in the tournament. For example, the number of points the teams have scored so far, the strength of your favorite team is strong or weak compared to the remaining teams in the season…

From that, you will know what the team you are watching will look like, whether they are in danger and about to be eliminated from the season or not.

Football news

Update the latest football news from all sources

Hi88 Football news is a popular feature that synthesizes football news. When using this feature, you can know a lot of news about football such as team match scores, match schedules, or many other information you need.

Hi88 loved by many people because of its convenience and ease of use. You can use this section on any device you want, whether computer or phone.

Soccer links are provided for tournaments

Are you wondering which tournaments are provided with soccer links?Hi88 Are not. If so, please see the article below, I will introduce tournaments that are provided with live viewing links so readers can enjoy quality matches.

A league

Serie A is the most famous men’s football tournament and has the highest professional level in Italy at the present time. This tournament was established and organized since 1898 with the participation of 20 of Italy’s strongest clubs participating in the competition.

The Italian football system has a very high position in the football world, which is why the Serie A tournament is considered one of the most competitive tournaments in the world. Because of that, viewers like us can witness super exciting and dramatic matches.

The league

Top league of Spanish football

Next is La Liga, one of the most famous tournaments on the planet and also the most advanced professional soccer tournament in Spain. The attractiveness of matches in La Liga is undeniable.

Because every time a tournament takes place, whether football lovers in Spain or abroad always follow every second of every match. Because if not, they will miss out on the epic moments of their lives in the match, which is very unfortunate

Premier League

The Premier League, also known as the Premier League, is the UK’s leading professional men’s football tournament. Formed a long time ago, the level of development of this tournament is very high. For that reason, the competition of this tournament is equally high, contributing a large part to the attractiveness of the tournament.

In addition to the tough competition, this tournament also has some famous clubs in the world participating in the competition such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea. This makes people even more excited about the Premier League


Germany’s top football league

Bundesliga is Germany’s professional football league. With a very high position in the football world, the Bundesliga is considered by many experts and football lovers to be one of the toughest tournaments on the planet.

This area of ​​football is famous for its strong, unpretentious style of play that directly puts the ball into the opponent’s net. Surely you are not unfamiliar with the phrase “shooting” in this sport, right? This phrase originates from the strong playing style of those German teams


V-League is the highest professional tournament in the Vietnamese region and was established in the 1980s. Although the Vietnamese football region is not as famous and attractive as other regions. But V-League is still an attractive tournament for football lovers in the country. That’s why the repository of links to watch live football ofHi88 The V-League tournament is also indispensable.

C1 Cup

Europe’s premier club competition

The C1 Cup, called the Champions League, is the largest football tournament between clubs in Europe. For many football lovers, the C1 Cup is no longer a strange tournament. Every time this tournament starts, everyone who loves football around the world is eagerly watching.

C2 Cup

C2 Cup’s full name is UEFA Europa League, one of the most important tournaments between football clubs in Europe, second only to C1 Cup. Clubs that do not participate in the C1 Cup will have to participate in this tournament to compete for the right to compete in the C1 Cup for next season.


Southeast Asia’s largest international football tournament

AFF Cup is an important football tournament in Southeast Asia. This tournament brings together many other football regions such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and many other countries to compete to win the AFF Cup championship.

There is no need to argue about the attractiveness of this tournament. Every time it starts, everyone in Vietnam has to finish work early to watch this tournament and support the home team to win. Championships.

FA Cup

The FA Cup is England’s championship cup competition, held since 1871 and maintained until now. The FA Cup is not as highly rated as the Premier League, but the attractiveness of this tournament is not small and is also very popular and watched by everyone.

Sea Games

The largest sports tournament in Southeast Asia

Sea Games is also an important sports tournament for countries in Southeast Asia. Football is one of the most loved and followed subjects. Every time the Sea Games starts, everyone is very excited and follows each match of this tournament.
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Some other tournaments

In addition to the tournaments areHi88 Mentioned above, there are many other prizes that are also provided with direct viewing links. So every time you want to watch a football match, just visit the homepage -Hi88 Just search and you’ll find it right away.

Why should you watch football news atHi88?

Quick updates, diverse, and reliable news

Here are some advantages of that websiteHi88 Believe me when you know it, you will definitely feel secure and use the services currently availableHi88 right:

  • Diversity news: Information provided atHi88 very diverse and rich. Whether you want to read foreign or domestic football news, it’s all there, just log in and you can see it right away.
  • High accuracy: You don’t need to worry about the news nowHi88 inaccuracies and errors. Because the information posted on the website ofHi88 are all taken from official and well-known football news websites. So that certainly the news is posted byHi88 There will be no deviation from the original news.
  • Free: For other websites, they will most likely charge a service fee when you use their features for longer.Hi88 no. Your job is just to access the website, there are no service feesHi88 certainly won’t take anything away

ForHi88, then the fact that people come and use the service is a good thing, without having to consider charging fees. With outstanding advantagesHi88 brings, will definitely help you find content and images related to football tournaments quickly. Besides, you can watch online lottery predictions here!

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