Meet Linxingpinechem: A Leading Pine Chemical Manufacturer

Are you curious about the world of pine chemicals and how they are manufactured? Look no further than Linxingpinechem, a leading producer in the industry. With decades of experience and cutting-edge technology, this company has established itself as an expert in producing high-quality pine products. From essential oils to resins, Linxingpinechem has something for everyone. Join us as we dive deeper into the fascinating world of pine chemistry and uncover what makes Linxingpinechem stand out from the competition.

Introduction to Linxingpinechem

Linxing Pinewood Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and is located in Baishi Industrial Development Zone, Yunnan District, Yunfu City, Guangdong Province, China. Linxing Pine Chemical is a comprehensive company that integrates production, research, and operation. They have established an annual production capacity of 2000 tons α- Pinene and β- Production plants of pinne, 1500 tons of longifolene, 1000 tons of isolongfolene, 500 tons of isolongfolanone, 1000 tons of p-threimene and p-phenylmethane, 1000 tons of terpineol and pine oil. Yunfu Linxing Pine Wood Chemical Co., Ltd. provides high-quality materials for the food, coating, pharmaceutical, spice, and spice industries with modern management and strict quality assurance system.

Products Offered

Linxing Pine Chemicals is a comprehensive company integrated with production, research, and trading on pine chemical products. Yunfu Linxing Pine Chemicals provides high-quality materials to food industries, coating, pharmaceuticals, flavors, and fragrances with modern management and a strict quality assurance system. The concept of creating value-added products for their customers makes us widely accepted by our global customers. Their hot products include: Terpineol, Paracymene, Alpha-Terpinene, Gamma-Terpinene, Terpineolene, Delta-3-Carene, and so on.


Linxingpinechem is a leading pine chemical manufacturer and supplier in China. With their state-of-the-art production facility, they offer quality products that meet the highest industry standards while still delivering competitive prices. Their excellent customer service and technical support make them an ideal partner for any business looking to get the most out of their investment in pine chemicals. Thanks to Linxingpinechem’s dedication to excellence, you can trust that your business will benefit from working with them.

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