Pogo Test Pins: Best Electric Current Speed Testing Tool

What are pogo pins?

Electronic pogo pins may be unfamiliar to most people, but if you observe carefully, you can find that after many electronic products in life are disassembled, you can see various connectors of different sizes scattered, among which springs.

The needle is very common, and it plays the role of conducting a series connection. Generally, it is golden yellow, the male end has elastic elasticity, and the female end is mostly a copper column, which is connected by contact at the top.

Electronic spring pins are generally gold-plated, so the surface is mostly golden yellow. Gold-plating can improve the service life of the connector, isolate harmful substances in the scene, improve durability, and increase the electrical and physical properties of the connector. Although the pogo pin looks like a small connector, its internal structure is different. There are many structures commonly used at present, which can be well used for conducting electricity, transmitting data, and transmitting signals.

The advantages of the pogo pin design:

  1. Slope structure: The resistance is small and stable, which can ensure that the needle shaft and the tube wall are in close contact, thereby reducing the instantaneous power failure rate.
  2. Slope plus ball structure: the passing current is large, the contact resistance is small, and the performance is stable.
  3. Double-contact structure: the spring can be directly sleeved on the cone-tail needle of the needle shaft, so that the needle shaft is subjected to vertical force, so the deflection of the shaft will be relatively small.
  4. Anti-drilling structure: It is a good choice for small-sized connectors, which can meet customers’ elastic requirements in small size.


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