Revealing the secret to betting on the 2 teams to score most effectively

Soccer betting is increasingly exciting with many attractive odds. The house strives to bring players more unique, new and interesting betting products. One of the types of bets that a large number of players are choosing is 2 teams to score. If you are a new player and are interested in this type of bet, please read my article immediately New88HG for more effective ways to play.

What is the 2 teams to score bet?

The bet on both teams to score is currently the most popular bet at soccer bookmakers. This bet is easy to understand, easy to play and very easy to win, with more than half of the odds also high.

Bet on 2 teams to score Internationally known as Both teams to score (BTTS). It can be understood that, with this bet, the player chooses to bet on the possibility that both will score a goal, no matter what the score is. With this type of bet, players can bet on 2 cases:

  • YES: Bet on both teams to score at least one goal in the entire match
  • NO: Bet on at least one, or both, teams not scoring any goals.

Compared to other types of bets such as Handicap handicaps, European handicaps or Over/Under handicaps, 2 teams to score There are fewer doors so the chance of winning is higher. When betting on odds, players do not need much experience, new players can still comfortably participate.

Both teams of score bet only records results during the official match time of 90 minutes plus overtime. Goals scored in extra time or penalty shootouts will not be included in the bet.

Some forms of betting on which 2 teams will score

The bet on both teams to score currently has many variations in betting forms, of which the most popular are the following 5 forms:

Bet on 2 teams to score in the first half

With this type of bet, the result will only be calculated during the first half of 45 minutes. After the referee blows the whistle to end the first half, if both teams, or one team, has not yet scored a goal, the bettor will lose the bet.

Bet on which team will score in the second half

Ignoring the results of the first half, in the second half both teams must score at least 1 new goal for those who bet on Yes to win, otherwise the bonus will go to those who bet on NO. Betting time will start from when the referee starts the second half and ends after 45 minutes plus overtime.
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Bet on both teams to score in the whole half

This type of bet is considered to be the most predictable, when players have to predict the possibility of what will happen during the entire 90-minute match. If after the end of the match, both teams score, the bettor wins money. The odds in this form of whole-round betting are very attractive, the highest among all other types of bets.

Bet on which team will score based on the number of goals

With this type of bet, the bet wins when the following two conditions are met: First, both teams score a goal. Second, the total number of goals of the two teams must be higher or lower than the rate given by the bookmaker.

Bet on which 2 teams will score combined with the match results

This can be said to be the most complicated type of bet as there are many betting options for you to choose from as follows:

  • Bet on both teams to score + Choose the correct winning team
  • Bet on 2 teams to score + the result is a draw
  • Bet on at least one team not scoring + Team wins the match
  • Bet on at least one team not scoring + two teams drawing

The experience of playing bets on 2 teams to score is always correct

The bet on both teams to score is attractive and moves quickly, so if you want to win the bet, players need to prepare a scientific betting strategy.

First, you should only bet on big, important matches, ignoring minor tournaments that few people care about. In big tournaments, teams play with a high fighting spirit and are determined to score goals, so the chance of winning bets will be higher.

Take the time to carefully research the information of the two teams. If in the match both teams have strong attack, high scoring rate, and good ball control, you should bet on YES. On the contrary, if the strength of the two teams is too different, one team plays defense, and many strikers are injured, choosing to bet on NO will be easier to win.

All factors such as weather, field condition, etc. also determine more or less the final performance. Bet on 2 teams to score Only goals scored during the official match time will be counted, so you should prioritize teams that can break through from the beginning.

In the case of a match that has taken place for one half, but the second half is canceled, if in the first half the result matches the bet you chose, the house will still pay the prize as usual.


There are few types of bets that are both simple, attractive and have a high payout rate 2 teams to score. Players refer to betting experience from experts to bet effectively. Don’t forget to follow the New888 website to update more interesting football betting knowledge.

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