Xoc Dia  New88 – Effective way to catch positions for new recruits in 2023

Xoc Dia is a popular folk betting game and is gradually being built into a game product in VietnamBookmaker  New88SG online to serve many people. Possessing a simple but equally attractive way to play, high reward rate, the number of people participating in this game is increasing. Next, join us to learn about  New88 coin toss and the most effective ways to catch 3D coin toss.

Introducing the  New88 disc jockey

Xoc Dia  New88 is known as a betting game that attracts many players. When participating in this game, you will see the Dealer shaking a few coins placed in a bowl. By listening to the sounds created during the coin shaking process, players can predict the final result. Normally, listening to a disc jockey in real life requires you to have many years of experience as well as extremely high concentration.

For coins in the game, depending on the form, it can be 1, 2 or 4 coins with different colors, the two sides of a coin will also have different colors. For different situations, the house can adjust the related rules and goals to bring newness and diversity to players. Next, follow the content below to discover more ways to play coin toss at  New88.

Instructions for registering a  New88 disc jockey account

To be able to participate in playing  New88 dice, you can simply register an account by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Access the official link
  • Step 2: At the home page interface, click on Register, then fill in all the information required by the system in the form.
  • Step 3: Check the information carefully and click confirm registration.
  • Step 4: Once you have completed the account creation process, choose to log in and go to the house’s live casino section to select

Simple way to play coin toss for beginners

To be able to play  New88 dice, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Log in to your registered account, then just fill in the information and deposit money to easily start playing. If you do not have a player account, please follow the instructions in the section above.
  • Step 2: Then go to the live casino section of the house and select New88 dice game, then choose the betting table that suits your capital.
  • Step 3: Refer to the instructions for playing coin toss that the dealer has provided. For example, when you have chosen a suitable betting table, if you predict the result will be 3 white 1 red or 3 red 1 white, then choose the odd bet. In case there are 4 white, 4 red or simply 2 red 2 white, you should choose the even number. Besides these types of bets, you can refer to many other attractive bet types.

Tips for playing  New88 coin toss effectively

Next, we will introduce to you the ways to play online coin toss that are always passed down by the experts:
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Historical analysis

Before participating in  New88 coin toss, the first thing you should do is analyze previous competition history. This will partly help players predict the results and developments of future bets. One tip that you should keep in mind is not to spend too much capital to bet from the beginning. Because this will put players at risk of losing all the money they have.

Choose only even or odd doors

With this way of playing odd-even dice, you should choose 1 of 2 odd or even numbers to place from the first game until the end of the game. This is an extremely effective tip for playing  New88 coin toss for rookies who do not have much experience. Because when applying this cat, your winning rate will be up to 50/50 compared to other methods.

Use the folding method

Folding is an extremely effective trick that many players have successfully applied when betting on  New88 coin toss. When applying the folding method, you need to prepare yourself a large enough capital to maintain. With this form, you will only choose one door, which is even or odd, to bet on.

In the first game, players will bet with a certain amount of capital. Just like that in the next games, you just need to double the bet amount in the previous game until you win. In particular, pay attention to the rules and terms that the house offers for this tip to receive the most attractive promotions.

Play with lucky people

Luck and bad luck are a factor that plays an extremely important role in deciding whether you will win or not. If during the process of playing  New88 dice, the player sees a certain player always winning, then follow them. This playing tip is often applied by new players to increase their winning rate. However, not everyone will always be lucky, so if you no longer win, you should make your own judgments and bets.

Experience in disc shaking from experts

To be able to always win when participating in  New88 coin toss, don’t miss the following good experiences:


Keeping yourself calm is an important factor in being able to apply the methods of listening to online disc jockeys. As you all know, this is a game with great appeal and winning or losing is inevitable. If you encounter a situation that makes the player lose his temper, stop to calm down and then participate in betting later.

Choose a trustworthy dealer

Choose a trustworthy bookmaker, such as  New88, to ensure your betting rights are optimal. Refer to the reviews and comments of experienced people to choose a suitable place to bet. You can see those reviews on social networks, groups,…

Bet with a moderate amount of capital

To avoid losing money unfairly on bets, you should allocate your capital in the most reasonable way. This is a game with a large element of chance, so don’t get excited too early because of a few winning games. Because it’s very likely that the next loser will be you, it’s best to learn the right way to win money in coin toss.

Learn the formula for playing coin toss

The probability of winning when playing  New88 coin toss is 50/50. So if you want to win, you must learn the formulas for playing coin toss on your phone. In addition, don’t forget to learn how to listen to real-life disc jockeys to increase your chances of winning every time you participate in this game.

Read the table of disc jockeys

An experience not to be missed when you play this game is knowing how to read the coin toss table. If you don’t know how to read the equipment table, please refer to some of the experts’ shares on social networks. In addition, don’t forget to refer to how to shake flat discs to be able to participate in this exciting form.


The last article has provided all the information related to  New88 disc jockey that we want to send to new players. Through the above content, you will learn more experiences in playing coin toss online effectively and always win. Don’t forget to follow our website regularly to update more interesting news about the category live casino everyday.

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