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3 ways to use wire stripping tools

If you are in an industry that uses wires, let’s say electrical wires or coaxial wire for example, then at some stage it is highly likely that you will need to cut, strip, and attach wires either to more wire, a socket, or device. When you do, then one of the tools you should find yourself reach for are wire stripping tools, and they should be a necessity for your toolbox. There are several different types of wire stripping tools available, but here, we will look at three ways that wire strippers can be used.

Notches or slots

These kinds of wire stripping tools are the most common, because they are in the cheaper range, and you can find them in many home toolboxes and a few work ones. They have different sized notches or slots cut into the jaws. These slots correspond to different gauges of wire. You place your piece of wire in the corresponding sized slot, about 3 or 4 centimetres from the end and close the jaws. When they are closed you can give them a little turn around the wire, then pull the wire stripping tools towards the wire end. The insulation layer should come off fairly easily, leaving the wires intact and unharmed.


The self-adjusting wire stripping tools do not have slots. Instead, they adjust themselves to assert the right amount of pressure required to hold the insulation and remove it without destroying the underlaying wire. They do have a manual adjustment lever as well; in case the jaws are not gripping sufficiently. The wire is held between two gripping jaws and as you squeeze the handle they are separated. This should pull the outer layer off, leaving the wires intact.


The simplest of wire stripping tools to use are the automatic ones. Although, instead of resembling a pair of scissors or pliers like other wire stripping tools do, they look more like a gun. With these, you simply put the wire in the end, pull the trigger and it automatically does the rest for you. The insulation coating is removed, and the wire is prepped ready for attaching.

Wire strippers

As with most things, the fancier and easier to use it is the more it costs. So, choose the right wire stripping tool for you and your job so you’re not wasting money on unnecessary products. For more information and expert advice on wire stripping tools, we recommend that you speak to the team at RS. They are reputable dealers who have been around for over 50 years. We trust them and so can you.

The three types of wire stripping tools that we have spoken about here are only a few of the range available. Each has its own special features whilst completing the same task, stripping and preparing the wire so it can be attached to another wire, socket, or whatever the need is. To get more information on wire stripping tools or to purchase them contact RS today.

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