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Advanced Design and Energy Efficiency: D Series Flood Light for Commercial Use

Ledia Lighting presents the D Series Flood Light, a powerful and efficient outdoor LED floodlight designed to meet various commercial needs. With its superior brightness, slim design, and versatile installation options, this floodlight is the ideal solution for distributors and agents seeking high-quality wholesale LED flood lights.

Superior Design and Versatile Installation

The D Series Flood Light boasts a super slim design, with a thickness of only about 60mm. This sleek profile allows for easy integration into outdoor spaces without compromising on performance. Furthermore, the floodlight offers various installation options, ensuring flexibility to meet different application cases.

Precise Beam Angles for Optimal Lighting

To provide precise lighting solutions, the D Series Flood Light is equipped with an exact beam angle measurement feature. Scale marks at the two sides of the holder allow for accurate adjustment, ensuring the perfect beam angle for each specific application. With beam angles ranging from 30° to 120°, as well as TYPE2, TYPE3, and TYPE4 options, distributors and agents can confidently cater to a wide array of lighting needs, from focused spotlights to broader area coverage.

Intelligent Design and Energy Efficiency

Ledia Lighting has incorporated intelligent design elements into the D Series Flood Light. The floodlight includes a DC 12V auxiliary, and it is also available with ZHAGA option, allowing for enhanced functionality and compatibility with other lighting systems. Additionally, the D Series Flood Light offers high light efficiency options of 140LM/M and 170LM/M, resulting in significant energy savings while maintaining exceptional brightness.

Powerful Performance and Durability

The D Series Flood Light is available in various power options, ranging from 100W to 300W, ensuring distributors and agents can cater to a wide range of lighting requirements. With lumen outputs of up to 51,000lm, this floodlight delivers an impressive level of brightness, illuminating outdoor spaces effectively. Moreover, the floodlight is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, with an IP66 rating, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging environments.


Ledia Lighting’s D Series Flood Light is the ultimate solution for distributors and agents seeking high-quality LED flood lights. Its slim design, versatile installation options, precise beam angles, intelligent features, and energy efficiency make it a superior choice for various commercial applications.

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