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As a Bulk Sanitary Pads Supplier, Shuya’s Customizable Solutions Can Help You Further Your Business

Regarding feminine hygiene, companies want for consistency, excellence, and personalization. Shuya establishes itself as a reliable partner by providing customized OEM/ODM and wholesale solutions to companies all over the world. As a bulk sanitary pads supplier and sanitary pads wholesale supplier, Shuya distinguishes itself by offering high-quality goods that put comfort and personalization first. Shuya is dedicated to perfection.

Personalized Solutions for Your Company
Recognizing the value of consumer preferences and brand identification, Shuya offers OEM/ODM solutions that are customisable, enabling companies to produce private label sanitary pads that are particular to their needs. Shuya makes sure that your brand’s identity is evident in everything—from packaging to materials, sizes, and designs—to increase consumer pleasure and loyalty.

Superior Production Capability
Shuya, the world’s biggest provider of bulk sanitary pads, has a sanitary napkin facility that can produce 680 million pieces of napkins a year. With more than 20 production lines and a 45,000 square meter footprint, the plant guarantees prompt delivery of bulk orders and effective production. This makes it possible for companies to meet demand without compromising their strict quality and dependability criteria.

Free samples and expedited lead times
For larger orders, Shuya provides a lead time of 35–50 days since they value timely delivery and well-informed decision-making. Delivery of personalized sanitary pads is guaranteed on time thanks to this. Additionally, free samples give businesses a personal look at the exceptional quality of Shuya’s goods, enabling them to make confident decisions and improving customer happiness.


With Shuya’s adaptable solutions, the bulk sanitary pads supplier and sanitary pads wholesale supplier, you may grow your business as a wholesale and bulk provider of sanitary pads. Shuya provides customized OEM/ODM solutions, unparalleled manufacturing capacity, effective lead times, and complimentary samples to enable enterprises to exceed client expectations and satisfy requests. Get in touch with Shuya right now to find out how their products may improve your brand and establish you as an industry leader for wholesale sanitary pads.

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