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Elevate Your Stage with the MG Creative-Extended Series: A Burst of Colorful Brilliance

Explore a world of innovation and vibrant creativity with the YES TECH‘s MG Creative-Extended Series, designed to infuse a burst of color into your stage. This series, featuring sizes like MG11, MG12, MG13, MG14, and MG15, offers captivating performances and pixel perfection, with pitches ranging from 2.84 to 5.9mm.


Discover the diverse dimensions of the MG Creative-Extended Series, from the compact MG11 at 125*500*56mm to the impressive MG12 at 70*73*54*79mm, incorporating cutting-edge technology for creative LED display applications.

Pixel Pitch

Experience flexibility with pixel pitches from 2.84 to 5.9mm, tailoring the visual precision to your specific stage requirements.

Versatile Applications

The MG Creative-Extended Series goes beyond sizes and pixel pitches, ensuring versatility for dynamic concerts and intimate gatherings alike. Transform every performance into a visual masterpiece with these creative LED display solutions.

Transparent LED Screen Integration

Explore the possibilities of transparent led screen seamlessly integrated into the MG Creative-Extended Series, enhancing the visual appeal of your stage and creating unique visual effects.

User-Friendly Design

Incorporating a user-friendly design, these displays ensure hassle-free installations and seamless integration into your stage setup. The sleek and modern appearance of each unit adds a touch of sophistication to your events, making them ideal for outdoor LED video wall applications.


In conclusion, the MG Creative-Extended Series from YES TECH is a testament to YES TECH’s commitment to creating visually stunning stages. With an array of sizes, pixel pitches, versatile applications, user-friendly design, and integration possibilities for transparent led screen, this series ensures that your performances are not only memorable but also a burst of colorful brilliance, suitable for various outdoor LED video wall setups.

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