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Hontech Wins: Illuminating the Future with Innovative Lighting Solutions

In a world where technological advancements continue to shape industries, Hontech Wins emerges as a beacon of light, revolutionizing the agricultural lighting sector. With a solid foundation established in 2009 by visionary entrepreneur Mr. Rodney Wei, Hontech Wins has become a global leader in the development and production of LED lights. Through their unwavering commitment to technological innovation, Hontech Wins is transforming the farming industry, making it safer, more efficient, and ultimately, more prosperous.

Unleashing the Power of Hontech Wins: Advancing Animal Welfare and Performance

At the core of Hontech Wins’ success lies their unwavering dedication to research and development. With a team of experienced professionals boasting over a decade of industry expertise, Hontech Wins has harnessed the power of cutting-edge hardware and software technologies. This synergy has resulted in a range of lighting solutions that not only enhance animal welfare but also maximize performance.

Illuminating Livestock Farms: Tailored Solutions for Optimal Results

Hontech Wins understands that proper lighting is crucial in poultry and livestock farms. By recognizing the unique visual spectrum of animals, they have crafted lighting solutions that go beyond traditional commercial lighting. Their innovative approach includes the integration of specific colors in their LED lights to address different animal needs.

For broiler houses, Hontech Wins recommends their specialized 5000K white light, which combines red, blue, and green colors. This unique blend reduces chicken movement during handling, ultimately improving meat quality. The inclusion of blue light decreases fright, while red light enhances food intake and reduces feather pecking. Green light, on the other hand, promotes early-age growth by stimulating skeletal muscle satellite cells.

In layer houses, Hontech Wins’ 2700K warm white light takes center stage. With its carefully calibrated red, blue, and green colors, this lighting solution creates a calm environment, reducing feather pecking and increasing egg production. The red light further boosts food intake, activates movement, and accelerates sexual development. Meanwhile, the green light enhances early-age growth and elevates egg quality.

Breeder houses benefit from Hontech Wins’ 3000K warm white light. By incorporating blue, red, and green colors, this lighting solution maintains calmness among birds, reduces feather pecking, and enhances egg production. The red light stimulates food intake, movement, and sexual development, while the green light supports early-age growth and improves egg quality.

Beyond Poultry: Lighting Solutions for Enhanced Livestock and Mushroom Performance

Hontech Wins doesn’t stop at poultry farms. Their expertise extends to pig and cattle lighting as well. By providing the ideal lighting intensity and spectrum, Hontech Wins improves pig welfare and performance. Their lighting solutions promote growth, boost fertility, and increase uniformity, ensuring healthier and more productive pigs.

In the realm of cattle farming, Hontech Wins recognizes the impact of light on cow health, fertility, welfare, and productivity. By manipulating day length through lighting, they optimize melatonin production, resulting in more active and healthier cows. Proper lighting levels and regimes have a profound effect on livestock, and Hontech Wins is there to guide farmers towards optimal lighting solutions.

Even the mushroom industry benefits from Hontech Wins’ innovative lighting solutions. With their ability to withstand harsh environments and high temperatures, their mushroom lamps ensure optimal growth, shape, and color. By providing farmers with reliable and durable lighting options, Hontech Wins minimizes costs and maximizes yields.


Hontech Wins stands tall as a global leader in agricultural lighting, illuminating the path to a brighter future for farmers worldwide. With their unwavering commitment to innovation, tailored lighting solutions, and dedication to animal welfare and performance, Hontech Wins is revolutionizing the farming industry. Embrace the power of Hontech Wins and unlock a world of possibilities for your agricultural endeavors.

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