Jafron – Global Provider of Blood Purification Services

It is understood that blood purification is a common treatment for diseases, especially those related to kidney failure. Blood purification is mostly used for patients with uremia and autoimmune diseases, and some severely infected patients in the intensive care unit also use blood purification.

Now, blood purification is getting more and more attention. Jafron, as a professional blood purification service provider, is gradually becoming known to people. Founded in 1989, Jafron is a provider of technologies, products and therapeutic services to the global blood adsorption industry. Has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of blood purification products.

Jafron has ten series of products with more than 100 specifications, including disposable hemoperfusion cartridge, disposable plasma bilirubin perfusion adsorption column, DNA immunoadsorption column, blood perfusion machine, and blood purification machine, and has mastered the core technology of blood perfusion. The therapy developed by Jafron, “direct blood adsorption”, has been recognized by professionals and has been widely used in critical diseases such as uremia, liver failure, poisoning, and lupus erythematosus.

If you want to know more about blood purification or related products (disposable hemoperfusion cartridge, hemoperfusion machine, etc.), you can contact Jafron at any time, they will provide you with professional solutions.

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