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Making Repeat Customers with an SEO Specialist

Creating websites is a marketing strategy used to advertise a company’s products or service. It used to be the newspapers, television and radios that pervade when it comes to promoting. But with the upsurge of the Internet, many got hooked with its advantages for their companies. You can put your ads in the net for a long period of time, as many times as possible and with minimal cost, 24/7, with a global viewership of prospective customers. Effective advertisements make it more accessible for consumers to buy the products resulting in bigger profits for the company. That is why many people are raving about the cash flow extensive advertisement is bringing to them. However, one important point that these companies usually miss out is the need to strive for repeat business from clients.

According to statistics, it costs 5 to 10 times more to look for new clients than keeping ones you already have. It is very important to mind your old customers and to build a good relationship with them. This is because more often than not, repeat customers are the ones who buy more than your new customers. Repeat customers are your best buyers. Notably, in e-Commerce, your intention of maintaining your old customers must always be evident in your website. Your SEO Company can help you in creating a site wherein repeat customers may find some valuable perks for them.

There are numerous ways to make your customers stay and do business with your company. Like making a program wherein with each order your client gets rebate points, coupon cards depending on the amount paid. Discount coupons from opt-in e-newsletters for old customers are also very popular way for them to make a repeat visit. An Internet marketing firm can make a database program wherein you can keep track repeat customers who may be offered special offers and special sales for special occasions like Mother’s Day. This also brings more sales for the company, although products are sold in lesser price, they are able to gain profits by the volume. It is a win-win situation for both the company and the customers.

Some companies even go out of their way to strategize a system to maintain their patrons. They create loyalty rankings for their patrons as A, B, C, D, E, and send them e-mail of special privileges and promos, so that the more loyal a customer is, the better her promo is. For one-time customers, they are still offered generic promos that may encourage a comeback client. They believe that in investing in the satisfaction of old clients, they are maintaining a large amount of investment for the company.

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