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Revolutionizing Transportation: Sunpower’s 21700 Li-ion Battery 50SE for Electric Bikes, Motorcycles, and Scooters

Sunpower New Energy proudly presents the 21700 li ion battery 50SE, a game-changing power solution that is set to revolutionize the transportation industry. With its cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance, this battery is specifically designed to meet the demanding power needs of electric bikes, motorcycles, and scooters. Sunpower New Energy 21700 li ion battery 50SE offers unparalleled power and efficiency, transforming the way we travel.

Efficient Power for Electric Bikes: Sunpower’s Battery Solution for Enhanced Performance

Electric bikes require a reliable and efficient power source to maximize performance and endurance. Sunpower’s 21700 li ion battery 50SE is engineered to deliver exactly that. With a long endurance of over 70 cycles at temperatures exceeding 120℃ and a discharge efficiency exceeding 90%, this battery ensures a consistent power supply even in challenging conditions. Its maximum charge current of 5A and continuous discharge current of 30A provide optimal power delivery, allowing electric bikes to reach their full potential.

Unleashing Performance in Electric Motorcycles and Scooters: Sunpower’s Battery Technology

Electric motorcycles and scooters demand high-performance batteries to deliver unparalleled speed and endurance. Sunpower’s 21700 li ion battery 50SE is designed to meet these requirements. With a discharge cut-off voltage of 2.5V and a charging cut-off voltage of 4.2V, this battery ensures precise power management, maximizing the performance and longevity of electric motorcycles and scooters. Its robust construction and high power capabilities enable these vehicles to achieve impressive speeds and extended range.


Sunpower’s 21700 li ion battery 50SE is the ultimate power solution for electric bikes, motorcycles, and scooters. With its long endurance, high discharge efficiency, and impressive power delivery capabilities, this battery sets a new standard for performance and efficiency in the transportation industry. Choose Sunpower’s 21700 li ion battery 50SE and experience the power, reliability, and efficiency it brings to your electric bikes, motorcycles, and scooters, revolutionizing your transportation experience.

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