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Sunine’s CO2 Laser Marking Solutions: Precision Personified

In the rapidly evolving world of packaging and product identification, the demand for efficient, versatile, and eco-friendly marking solutions has never been greater. Sunine, a pioneer in the field of industrial laser technology, has risen to the challenge with its cutting-edge CO2 laser marking machines.

Unmatched Versatility in Wavelengths

Sunine’s CO2 laser coders boast an impressive range of wavelengths, each meticulously engineered to cater to the unique needs of various packaging materials. From the ubiquitous 10.6μm wavelength that excels in processing paper and cardboard to the 10.2μm wavelength that shines on thin films and foils, Sunine’s solutions are a testament to the company’s deep understanding of the industry’s demands.

Innovative Software for Unparalleled Performance

What sets Sunine apart is its unwavering commitment to innovation. With the introduction of their self-developed V5 marking software, these laser coders now possess the capability to produce intricate codes and dynamic messages, even at breakneck production speeds. This makes them the ideal choice for high-volume applications, such as those found in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Versatility Meets Precision

The true beauty of Sunine’s CO2 laser marking machines lies in their versatility. Whether it’s delicate glass products or the robust world of plastic packaging, these machines are engineered to deliver exceptional results. The 9.3μm wavelength, tailored for the absorption characteristics of materials like PET, allows for smooth, precise marking without compromising the integrity of the underlying structure.


Experience the power of Sunine’s CO2 laser marking solutions and unlock a new era of packaging excellence, where creativity meets uncompromising quality. Prepare to be amazed as these cutting-edge machines transform your production process into a symphony of efficiency and innovation.


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