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Tecloman’s Breakthroughs in Energy Storage Devices: Efficiency Redefined

Tecloman pioneers advanced energy storage devices, including the highly efficient tri-level topology converter with an impressive 99.03% efficiency rate. This cutting-edge technology optimizes energy utilization and minimizes waste, revolutionizing efficient power solutions.

Empowering Power Distribution with Boost Applications

Among Tecloman’s diverse energy storage applications, the Boost application type is particularly remarkable, covering voltage levels up to 35kV and below. Tecloman enables reliable and efficient power distribution across diverse environments, ensuring seamless electricity flow from source to end-user.

Unparalleled Performance and Stability for Enhanced Power Systems

Tecloman’s energy storage devices excel in durability and performance, with the ability to support 110% overload and operate at temperatures up to 50°C without derating. This exceptional performance ensures reliable operation in high-demand and challenging conditions, providing stability, preventing disruptions, and ensuring a dependable power supply.

Tecloman’s constant pursuit of innovation and dedication to customer satisfaction have established them as leaders in the energy storage industry. Their tri-level topology energy storage converters, designed for exceptional efficiency, empower organizations to optimize energy usage and reduce waste. Furthermore, Tecloman’s Boost application type ensures efficient power distribution across various voltage levels, enabling seamless operations in diverse settings.


With Tecloman’s energy storage devices supporting 110% overload and operating at high temperatures without derating, they solidify their position as providers of reliable and stable power solutions. As the global demand for sustainable and efficient energy solutions continues to grow, Tecloman is poised to lead the charge, revolutionizing the power industry through continuous innovation.

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