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The OPS Computer: A Useful Tool

In this article, you will read about the OPS computer, which is a digital signage design specification that makes it easier for vendors and manufacturers to create devices that plug into media player terminals.

What is the OPS computer?

OPS computer is a touch-all-in-one computer specification created by Intel for electronic whiteboards, digital signage, and advertising media businesses.

Why need an OPS computer?

Traditional computer all-in-one, electronic whiteboards, digital signage, and other goods have intricate internal wiring and structures because they are installed on the back of the display screen using a mix of DIY computer accessories or MINI ITX motherboards. During use or transportation, it is quite simple to create poor contact or looseness, and if a serious issue arises, the complete display needs to be disassembled for maintenance. It is inconvenient for customers to fix and replace themselves if there is no professional on-site. In this situation, the customer’s sole options are to package the complete LCD panel and return it to the manufacturer, or the manufacturer will hire qualified experts to handle it on-site. The price is fairly expensive in either case.

What are the requirements to design and develop an OPS-compliant device?

The OPS computer is a specification for creating modular digital signage solutions. The OPS enables devices to be interconnected and reconfigurable, providing an open platform for device manufacturers and developers. Device manufacturers must meet certain requirements to be certified as OPS compliant, including the design of the device in a modular style, support for easy connection and configuration, and interoperability with other OPS-compliant devices.


In this article, we’ll explore the OPS computer, a way to create interoperable and customizable digital signage. By understanding the OPS computer, you can ensure cost reduction in digital signage manufacturing and accelerate the trend towards standardized digital signage. If this fits your business needs, be sure to consider SmartMoreInside!

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