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Understanding How Inductors Work To Select The Best One In Your Application

If you’re looking for an adjustable inductor to power your next project, you’ll want to be sure to understand how they work and what factors you need to take into account when choosing one. This blog post will walk you through the different types of inductors and explain how each behaves under different conditions.

Applications of inductors

inductors are used in almost every electronic device, from radios to computers. Inductors are essentially coils of wire that create an electrical field when current flows through them. This field is what allows devices to function properly.

Surge protectors use inductors to limit the amount of energy that can be sent through a circuit during a surge or spike in voltage. This can prevent damage to sensitive equipment and save the system from being shut down altogether.

Power amplifiers use inductors to increase the power output of a device by increasing the current flow through the inductor. This type of amplifier is often used in audio applications, where high volumes are required.

Frequency converters use inductors to change the frequency of an input signal into another format, such as audio or video. This is often used in wireless systems, where different frequencies need to be converted into one another.


Inductors are essential in many electronic applications, from telecommunications to data storage, and their proper selection can make a big difference in the performance of your device. By understanding inductors and their properties, you can ensure that your devices are running at their best and achieving the results you desire. If you need more information about adjustable inductors, don’t hesitate to contact GFOOKIC.

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