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Unleash Performance and Power with FRECON’s FR500A&510A Series Vector Control Inverters

FRECON, a leader in innovative energy solutions, introduces the FR500A&510A Series Vector Control Inverters, a testament to the company’s commitment to high-performance and high-power density designs. These inverters mark a new era in energy control, delivering unparalleled peak power capacity and low-frequency output characteristics. With a versatile range spanning from 380V 0.75kW to 1000kW, FRECON’s FR500A&510A Series sets a new standard in vector control technology.

Precision and Flexibility Redefined

The FR500A&510A Series Vector Control Inverters have been crafted with precision and flexibility in mind. Tailored for OEM customers in the mid-to-high market segments, these inverters find optimal use in applications such as fans and pumps. With its embedded SyC (Sensorless Control) and Vf (Voltage to Frequency) control capabilities, the FR500A Series stands as a versatile solution catering to industries with elevated demands. It empowers users with remarkable control over speed accuracy, torque response, speed stability, and low-frequency output characteristics.

Unmatched Performance for Demanding Applications

Incorporating three-phase vector control, the FR500A&510A Series raises the bar for performance and power delivery. It thrives in applications that require precision and efficiency, catering to industries with exacting requirements. Designed to excel in scenarios demanding peak power capacity, these inverters shine in environments with higher power spikes and prolonged operation periods. This capability ensures seamless performance and longevity, even in the face of dynamic operational demands.

Embracing High-Power Density

FRECON’s FR500A&510A Series brings high-power density to the forefront. This design philosophy translates to more power in a compact package, allowing businesses to optimize space and resources. With an expanded range from 0.75kW to an impressive 1000kW, these vector control inverters cover a wide spectrum of power needs, making them suitable for both small-scale applications and large industrial setups.


FRECON’s FR500A&510A Series Vector Control Inverters epitomize the fusion of precision, power, and flexibility. These cutting-edge solutions redefine the vector control landscape, catering to OEM customers, fans, pumps, and beyond. As a manifestation of FRECON’s dedication to innovation and excellence, the FR500A&510A Series empowers industries with unmatched performance, high-power density, and the capability to conquer even the most demanding applications. Embrace the power of FRECON’s FR500A&510A Series Vector Control Inverters and elevate your energy control to new heights.

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