Why Should You Stay Away From Social Media While Preparing For an Exam?

One of the biggest distractions in student life is social media which takes away a lot of their valuable time. It costs much of their energy and time and could have a serious influence on their academics. Especially with an exam nearing, it is never a good idea to continue using social media platforms. When there’s an exam coming, the complete focus should be on it and any deviation from the same can result in a negative outcome. After months of hardcore study and commitment, no one would want to drain away like that.

Are you a student who can’t restrict himself from the temptations of social media even if you have a lot on the plate to study? Therefore, this guide will help you understand why it is never a good idea to continue using social media while preparing for an examination.

Reasons to Avoid Social Media Before Exams

The below list mentioned some of the crucial points on why you should avoid social media if there’s an exam coming up.

Social Media is Time Consuming: One of the best ways in the modern-day world to spend time is browsing social media and the content through it. While it can be a good option while you’re free, with an exam coming up the plan is too bad. It is very time-consuming and the several contents across the platforms can take much of your time. The different contents, videos, and comedies you see over the platforms will keep you engaged over there costing you your study time. When you finally get back to your study desk, you’ll find yourself in a huge pile of studies.

Experts and industry mentors try to sell online courses to suggest to students what practices they can adopt before the exams that help them stay focused.

Social Media Can Distract You: Even if you are not using Youtube or Facebook, you might keep on getting Whatsapp chat notifications, which is very distracting. You might initiate a discussion with your friend about how their preparation is going and the conversation might eventually shift to something else. This way, you start engaging in some less important discussions before the exam hours and thus you distract yourself.

Also, while discussing something about the syllabus, you and your friend can have diverging opinions. It might create pressure on you which is surely not a good thing with the exams coming near.

Watching Videos Take Up a Lot of Time: Watching videos, stand-up comedies, and short films on YouTube is among the most common activities by teens on social platforms. While these videos can be real stress busters at times, watching them for long hours before the exam can cast a distracting impact on your mindset. You might keep on thinking about the videos, why that happened in that way, and so on. Occupying your mind with so many extra thoughts before the days of your exam is not required.

Some quick tips on avoiding social media during study hours:

  • While studying, consider keeping your phone away or putting it on silent. Many platforms sell courses online. If you’re reading an online note, keep the notifications for social media platforms silent. This way you’ll have less scope of being distracted.
  • If you still feel like the apps are creating disturbances, consider uninstalling them all.
  • You can make a separate schedule solely allotted to using social media. It can be somewhere during the night or after your lunch. This way you will stay updated with the social media trends and would also not cost your study time.
  • Focus on yourself and try to stick to the schedule you have made. Never allow any distraction to overwhelm you or occupy your mind with something else other than lessons before an exam.

Wrapping Up

The influence of social media in the daily lives of students and all people is undeniable. While it has some really good benefits, the disadvantages must not be left unnoticed too. It’s a weapon and it’s on us how we use it.

So, with an exam coming up and so many things to study, do you think it would be a good idea to continue using social media at the same pace? No, right? Then, start your schedule today and get ahead with your preparation.

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