Bamboo Cockfighting At New88 And How to Participate in Betting Every Day

Bamboo cockfighting is one of the most popular forms of cockfighting and receives a lot of attention. But to gain the necessary knowledge before officially participating in the game, let’s look at the information below. Read carefully to learn the origin of the bantam cockfighting market and how to officially bet today at Trang chủ New88.

Introduction to bamboo cockfighting

Bamboo cockfighting is a playground that many people love and come to. Bantam fights will be played by live bookmakers from famous cockfighting arenas in the world so that players can admire the most exciting and dramatic bantam fights today. Cockfights will take place every day so players can bet on their favorite cocks.

History of the birth of bamboo cockfighting

First, to talk about the form of bantam fighting, we need to talk about the characteristics of the chickens participating in these fights. Bamboo chicken is a breed of chicken originating from the Khmer. Their name comes from the name mon-che. When introduced to Vietnam, the name Bamboo chicken was born.

The characteristic of this breed of chicken is their small appearance and agility. The attacks launched are very powerful and make battles much more interesting. They are also known as the “stubborn kings” and compete very fiercely. It is the toughness and beautiful strikes that help cockfights become more attractive and receive more attention.

Bamboo cockfighting forms are popular with players

When talking about popular forms of bamboo cockfighting, we need to mention iron spurs and knife spurs cockfighting. Because of the small bodies of bantams, they can fly high and deliver extremely high-quality attacks. But to make those fights more attractive, cockfighters will add knife or iron spurs to their spurs.

If you are interested, please carefully follow the information related to cockfighting matches before placing money to place an official bet.

The popularity of bamboo cockfighting in Vietnam

Bamboo chickens are a very popular chicken breed and they have also been introduced to Vietnam. Many bettors who love cockfighting have also searched for and bred purebred bantam breeds and devoted themselves.

Professional cockfighting matches also receive a lot of attention. This can also be seen through the excitement at the arenas and at today’s leading bookmakers. The number of players is also constantly increasing and all are welcome to participate in bantam fighting betting

Online bantam cockfighting is always available for bettors

Online cockfighting betting is one of the favorite choices of many bettors. Online bookmakers will stream matches live and provide extremely interesting betting options in parallel. If desired, players can join and place bets at any time.

Currently, there are many large bookmakers operating in the Vietnamese market. Take a look at the available list and check out all of these bookmakers before making your decisions. Playing and betting on bantam online is always easy so don’t hesitate to start and bet today.

The best lines of fighting bamboo chickens today

There are many lines of bantam chickens that are loved by cockfighters and often appear in professional matches. To list these chicken lines, it is definitely necessary to mention the options:

  • The Kelso line of American bantams stands out with its smart kicks
  • Sweater bantams have extremely hard spurs and are very aggressive
  • Peruvian bantams with agility, the ability to fly in and launch sudden attacks
  • The Albany bantam has high lethality and an unbeatable fighting spirit
  • Cao Lanh bamboo chicken is a pure Vietnamese breed of bamboo chicken that is also very popular
  • Binh Dinh bamboo chickens have extremely unique moves and their temperament is also very aggressive.

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Instructions for participating in bantam cockfighting at New88

What do I need to do to participate in online cockfighting betting? Online betting at the bookmaker New88 is relatively easy and also very safe for those who want to play with real money. How to participate and official betting instructions will also be found below:

  • First, please log in at:https:// New88.live/ Once you have an account and if you are a new player, select register before logging in
  • Next, check out all the cockfighting betting markets offered, there may be bamboo spur cockfighting, iron spur cockfighting, cockfighting cockfighting, etc. If you want to bet on bamboo cockfighting then consider the related matches. is offered on the official menu of New88.
  • If you have chosen the matches you like, it’s time to put money in and place an official bet. Placing a bet here means the player will need to fill in the bet information, bet amount and complete confirmation. Valid bet slips will be saved and winning bets will be fully refunded New88.


Not only is it popular in large arenas, but the form of bantam cockfighting is also widely known at many online bookmakers. If you want to play and want to bet, start today. Betting is relatively easy and of course equally exciting. If you can bet correctly, what lies ahead will be big wins.

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