Doctor Fasting – Miracle Cleanser, Miracle Cleanser, Rebuilder & Rebuilder & Life-Saver! Life-Saver! Your Tongue Never Lies

Daily Tongue Brushing is a Good Habit

After scraping your tongue, use toothbrush to lightly brush your tongue from the back to the tip. Then you should gargle with a mixture of 1 teaspoon of Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar in 2 glass of water to rinse any remaining germs or toxins from your mouth. Repeat this cleansing  times daily during a detox water fast or a beginner’s juice fast. Your body will continue to push toxic slime out the tongue! This tongue coating shows you are doing deep cleansing. It’s an accurate indication of the amount of decaying filth, rotting mucus and other toxic poisons stored in the tissues that are now being eliminated from the inside surfaces of the stomach, intestines and your entire body.

You can now see by the coated tongue how much toxic poison you have stored in your body. The tongue’s surface reveals the great amount of encumbrances that have been clogging up your body maybe since childhood because of unhealthy living and the eating of refined, high-fat, sugar, salt, meat and dairy toxic-forming foods.

The Human Pipe System Must Be Kept Clean and Healthy

Let us repeat that every physical problem a person suffers from is the result of constitutional clogging. The entire human pipe system, especially the microscopically small capillaries (the smallest pipes in the body, about the size of a human hair), become “chronically” clogged by the heavily processed, foodless foods of civilization. There are no special diets that can clean a dirty, heavily coated tongue. This is the reason we give no special diets for special ailments and we don’t believe in all the “drug cure-alls” available! Only your body is self-cleansing and self-healing when you give it a chance! Daily we pray for you to be healthy, our new health friends and readers.

Purge Your Body of Filthy Toxic Poisons

The characteristics of tissue construction, especially of the important internal organs such as the liver, kidneys, lungs and glands, are all very much like those of a sponge. Now imagine a sponge soaked with a sticky glue or paste. As a person lives on the lifeless foods of civilization, the vital organs begin to fill up with this slimy paste or glue (toxic poisons). No wonder they die of horrible diseases of the liver, heart, kidneys and lungs! The vital organs actually become so clogged with slimy, sticky, decaying toxins that they can no longer function! Death by toxic poisoning! Death by clogging of the pipe system! Now do you understand why we want you to detoxify, cleanse and purify your body? This is the only natural way to internally cleanse and heal yourself! We receive thousands of letters yearly from grateful students who have put our Bragg Healthy Lifestyle with fasting to the test and discovered it worked for them! Quite often, when every other method failed them, this Bragg Lifestyle proved successful! We want to inspire you, our reader and health friend, to improve your whole body, not just relieve a symptom! We are not interested in symptoms or the name of a bad place in the body! We are interested in your obtaining Super Health and Longevity! We love to hear your successes! Do write us!

Fasting – Mother Nature’s Master Healer

Mother Nature heals through FASTING every physical problem that’s possible to heal! This alone proves that Mother Nature recognizes but one problem, that in everybody the largest illness-causing factors are toxic poisons – decaying mucus, foreign matter, pus and uric acid. Just look at what happens to people when they suffer from a common cold. They run a high fever (body burning up toxins) while they eliminate great masses of mucus from the sinus cavities of the head, throat, lungs and bronchial tubes. A cold is the body’s way of saying, “I must rid the body of this toxic slime to survive!” And a healing crisis is started by the body’s Vital Force. Please reread this fasting chapter often to let it settle in your mind and inspire you to fast to keep your body healthier!

Colds Push Out Mucus & Toxins – Give Thanks!

The average person who experiences a cold takes absolutely no blame for this condition! Oh no! They will say, I got my feet wet and caught a cold, I sat in a draft and caught a cold or I caught the cold from a bug my brother brought home from school. We hear excuses, excuses! They never place the blame on themselves! Three times a day at meals these people load toxic mucus-forming foods into their bodies. They eat ice cream, cakes, candy, soft drinks (with toxic aspartame or sugar), black tea and coffee filled with refined white sugar, milk and its byproducts which are heavy mucus-formers. And when this mess decays in their bodies they cry out, “I caught this cold, poor me!” Yes, poor ignorant you. You do not catch colds. You eat colds! You develop colds from your unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy diet.


Juice bars are springing up everywhere and juice fasting has become “in” with the Stars of Hollywood. The number of Stars who believe in the power and effectiveness of juice and water fasting is growing. Some are: Steven Spielberg, Barbra Streisand, Kim Besieger, Daryl Hannah, Christie Brinkley, Dolly Parton, and Donna Karan, etc., and author Danielle Steel. They say fasting helps balance their lives physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

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