How to shoot angelfish | Detailed instructions on the rules of the game for new players

How to shoot angelfish to get the biggest trophy without wasting a lot of bullets? This is an issue that many hunters are concerned about, but not everyone has the answer. Instructions on how to play and some optimal experience will be provided Trang chủ New88 provided for you to become excellent hunters.

What is the mermaid shooting game?

Mermaid shooting is a prize-winning fish shooting game that has been around for a long time but is very popular. The reason is because of the beautiful interface, diverse color images and vivid sound showing the colorful ocean world.

Besides, the game has many advantages that surpass other competitors in the market such as:

  • Many sea creatures are designed in an attractive mythological style.
  • A simple way to shoot mermaids that anyone can do and collect trophies from the first time.
  • Fish are divided into many ranks with different points for convenient hunting.
  • Pay rewards quickly right after you successfully hunt the target.
  • Withdraw prizes easily and quickly in a few minutes with a variety of forms.

Instructions on how to shoot mermaids for new players

Fish shooting is a simple game that is both entertaining and can help you make money effectively. However, if you don’t know how to play, making a profit is impossible. You need to know how to shoot mermaids to conquer this exciting game:

  • Step 1: Download the app or play directly on the web, create an account similar to the way you do when playing other games.
  • Step 2: Deposit money into your account to buy guns and ammunition. This is important for you to earn money when you hit the target. For addresses that do not require depositing money to still play, you cannot withdraw.
  • Step 3: Choose a target, aim and shoot accurately. Depending on the strength of the fish, the number of bullets needed will vary. When successfully destroyed, you will receive a corresponding reward according to regulations.

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Some notes for effective angelfish hunting that newbies need to know

Shooting a mermaid is not difficult, just observe the correct target and aim to be successful. However, how to shoot easily and achieve the highest efficiency is something that needs to be carefully researched. Some experiences shared by experts with many years in the profession are as follows:

  • Only choose fish that match the level of ammunition you have. For example, 2-cent bullets should only shoot fish from 2 to 10 cents. This ensures that you only get a maximum of 5 shots and you get the loot, without any loss. Small bullets that shoot big fish will not kill them and give your opponents an opportunity to hunt your target.
  • Take full advantage of the features that the system provides to users. For example, laser crab, screen freezing feature, blood reduction feature… Depending on each option, there will be different uses to help hunt more effectively.
  • Apply fish shooting experience to how to shoot angelfish to optimize your hunting. For example, shooting whiskers, shooting at the screen…
  • At the end of the levels, you will have the opportunity to meet a huge boss with a large amount of money. These can be Dragons, Mermaids or other large creatures that are updated with information in the guide. If they aren’t strong enough, don’t try to destroy them because it will be in vain.

FAQs related to shooting angelfish are of interest to many people

The following are issues that many people learn about how to shoot angelfish as well as this game. Follow along to gain more knowledge to apply to your hunting:

How to effectively shoot angelfish when there are many bullets?

When you have a large number of bullets, choose worthy targets. However, make sure that the value of that creature only needs to shoot a maximum of 3 bullets to destroy it. Because if you shoot a lot, it will be very expensive, and moving targets will also attract the attention of others and be overlooked.

What is the minimum deposit amount to participate in angelfish hunting?

You only need to deposit 50K to start your ocean exploration. If you have experience in combat, you will soon be able to increase your balance. With this capital, just set the bullet level to 100 or 200 and you’ll be fine. If you set the bullets too high, the shot will run out quickly before you get any loot.

How to manage capital when playing fish shooting to avoid losses?

You should only bet a suitable amount to play every day. For example, today the playing limit is 500K, so when you reach the milestone you need to stop immediately. Because this is an extremely attractive game, if you are not strict with yourself, you cannot stop.

New88 has provided detailed instructions on how to shoot mermaids for readers. Besides this game, the house also has many fish shooting titles from other reputable providers waiting for you to explore.

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