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Versatile Solutions for Outdoor Networks: Fibercan’s Outdoor Fiber Distribution Box

Fiber distribution boxes play a crucial role in outdoor networking setups. They provide a centralized location for storing connectors, fibers, and splicing trays, enabling easy access and minimizing the risk of damage or disorganization. Fibercan‘s outdoor fiber distribution box takes this functionality to the next level, streamlining outdoor connectivity like never before.

Customizable Options for Diverse Installations

Whether your outdoor network installation requires cross arm hoop, aerial, underground, or wall-mounting setups, Fibercan’s outdoor fiber distribution box has got you covered. It offers customizable options that cater to diverse installation methods, ensuring a seamless fit for your specific requirements.

Moreover, the flexibility of adjustable splicing trays allows for accommodating varying fiber counts. This scalability ensures future expansion possibilities, providing room for growth and adaptability as your network needs evolve over time.

Robust Construction for Reliable Operations

Fibercan’s outdoor fiber distribution box boasts a robust construction that guarantees reliable operations in demanding outdoor conditions. Crafted with reinforced plastic, it exhibits exceptional strength and corrosion resistance. This rugged design protects the delicate internal components from environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, moisture, and UV radiation.


Fibercan’s outdoor fiber distribution box offers versatile solutions for outdoor networks. Its customizable options, combined with a robust construction, provide reliable and efficient connectivity, making it an indispensable asset for any outdoor networking project.

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