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ZTT’s OPGW Wire: Empowering Efficient Power Transmission

ZTT, a reputable industry leader in advanced optical communication solutions, offers a highly reliable and robust Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) wire. ZTT’s OPGW wire has undergone rigorous testing by authoritative institutions both locally and internationally, including Canada KINECTRICS, Netherlands KEMA, EN-Polish National Power Laboratory, China Electric Power Research Institute, and Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute. This article explores the advantages of ZTT‘s OPGW wire in power transmission.

Low Power Loss

With its large cross-section and big cores, ZTT’s OPGW wire minimizes power loss during transmission. This ensures optimal energy transfer and reduces wastage, resulting in efficient power transmission.

High Conductivity

ZTT’s OPGW wire exhibits excellent conductivity, facilitating the seamless flow of electricity. Its high conductivity properties contribute to efficient power distribution and minimize voltage drops.

Robust Construction

ZTT’s OPGW wire is built with a strong and durable construction, enabling it to withstand various environmental challenges. Its robust design ensures reliable performance even in harsh conditions, such as extreme weather, high temperatures, and exposure to sand.

Mechanical Strength

ZTT’s OPGW wire possesses excellent mechanical strength, making it resistant to physical stress and external factors. This strength allows it to maintain optimal performance and structural integrity over long spans, contributing to reliable power transmission.


ZTT’s OPGW wire stands out as a highly efficient solution for power transmission. With its large cross-section, big cores, high capacity, and long-span capabilities, it enables efficient energy transfer while maintaining reliability and performance. Additionally, its exceptional resistance to ice, sand, and lightning ensures uninterrupted power transmission even in challenging environments. By choosing ZTT’s OPGW wire, power transmission operators can enhance efficiency, reliability, and longevity within their power grids.

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