An In-Depth Look Into Bottle Unscrambler Of Pharmapack

Considering employing the bottle unscrambler, you must first comprehend its advantages. Although there are several advantages, they all come down to the comfort and convenience this product may give your company.

What Is The Operation Of The Bottle Unscrambler?

The Bottle Unscrambler is a mechanism for unscrambling bottles. To unscramble the bottle, the Bottle Unscrambler employs a system of gears and plates. The Bottle Unscrambler’s operation is straightforward. Bulk bottles are manually placed into the hopper (A) and then fed into the unscrambling station (B) by the elevator, which houses the pre-sorter disc and adjustable paddle wheel (C). The bottles are positioned and supplied to the moving clamping belt using the equipment above (D). To ensure appropriate spacing, the bottles are moved to a faster-moving clamping belt (E), which holds and transports the bottles while passing through the bottle inverter and erector. The upright bottles are moved at the same speed onto the downstream conveyor through the clamping conveyor (F), preventing the bottles from dropping.

Bottle Unscrambler Applications

Bottle unscramblers (descramblers) from Pharmapack offer innovative designs to meet the needs of customers who utilize a variety of bottle types. Pharmapck bottle unscramblers and descrambler systems efficiently organize bottles during the conveying process.

The bottle descrambling solutions are designed to create:

  • improved throughput
  • maximum efficiency
  • automated solutions


If you’re searching for a quick and simple method to unscramble bottles, the bottle unscrambler from Pharmapack is the way to go. This gadget is ideal for anybody who wants to make it simpler to care for and get the most out of their bottles. This tool may come in helpful on numerous occasions, such as at your manufacturing plant, whether you are a company owner or a working professional.

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