The Healthy Weight Loss Eating Plan

What is the Healthy Weight Loss Eating Plan?

The Healthy Weight Loss Eating Plan was developed to provide you with a meals composed of nutrient-rich foods that are delicious to your taste buds, satisfying in terms of amount, and make weight loss an attainable goal. The 4 week’s worth of menus in the Plan were developed to give you a basic blueprint—a practical guideline for weight loss. What I hope is that you will be able to use the 4-week blueprint as a guideline for developing your own personalized strategy for continued healthy weight loss

Who can benefit from implementation of the Plan

The Plan was developed to improve the health of the average individual who is overweight and wants to become healthier in a way that includes healthy weight loss. The Plan is not a clinical plan, and it is not designed to address clinical problems.

You’ll need to solicit the help of your healthcare provider if you face any clinical issues in your healthcare, including any issues that might impact your choice of a weight loss plan. In general, since our weight loss plan averages about 1,530 calories per day, we would expect it to provide the most weight loss benefit for individuals who are currently consuming a substantially higher level of calories.

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Who should consult a healthcare practitioner before implementing the Plan

All pregnant women, women who are nursing, and women who are considering becoming pregnant

  • All individuals under 18 years of age
  • All individuals who are concerned about obtaining Daily Value levels of nutrient intake for all nutrients based on diet alone and without the help of dietary supplements
  • All individuals with special concerns about their intake of vitamin D, vitamin B5, vitamin B12, or zinc.

What to expect when following the Plan

In the U.S., adults consume an average of approximately 2,100 calories of food per day. On average, U.S. adults are also overweight, and their intake of dietary calories is related to their overweight status. Since our weight loss plan averages about 1,530 calories per day, it represents a decrease of about 570 calories per day for the average U.S. adult.

Over one week’s period of time and all other factors being equal that 570-per-day calorie decrease would be expected to result in a weight loss of about 1 pound. In one month, the expected weight loss would be 4 pounds, and in one year, 48 pounds.

Regardless of the weight loss plan you follow, your daily calorie intake must be matched up correctly with your activity level. If you consume exactly the number of daily calories needed to complete your daily activities (including exercise), you can expect to maintain your current weight.

If you exceed that number, you can expect to gain weight. If you consume fewer calories than are needed to complete your daily activities (including exercise), you can expect to lose weight. Of course, in practice, weight loss never occurs with this degree of mathematical exactness!

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