The Importance of Deep Breathing Oxygen, the Invisible Staff and Food of Life!

Doctor Super Power Breathing

We are breathing machines and must have oxygen constantly or we will perish! The more oxygen we can get into the system, the cleaner our bodies are going to be and the better we are able to absorb more life-giving oxygen into the tissues! We want you to know we are air-gas machines. We live at the bottom of a sea of oxygen – the atmosphere extends 70 miles above us and exerts a pressure of 14 pounds per square inch. The Latin word “spira” means oxygen, air and then spirit. The breath of God and life that goes to every cell in your body is in fact oxygen and therefore air! Most people are shallow breathers. They get oxygen in the upper regions of the lungs but seldom get sufficient oxygen into the deep lower regions of the lungs. They become oxygen-starved and pale and lack energy and go-power.

Directions for Filling the Entire Lungs With Life-Giving Oxygen

Lie flat on your back, either in bed or on the floor, relax and then slowly inhale through your nose and do not consciously try to move the upper chest or the abdominal region. While you are inhaling, place your hands on your lower ribs, which are known as the floating ribs. Now – if you are breathing correctly – you can feel your lower ribs expand. Slowly take in a long, deep breath. When you feel that your lungs are filled to full capacity with air – then you can slowly expel the breath with a long, lip-pursed sigh.

Deep Breathing & Fasting Removes Toxins

Deep Super Power Breathing and Fasting is our best insurance against germs, toxins and disease. Deep breathing constantly cleanses and purifies the body. When we exhale, we breathe out toxins and carbon dioxide, which must be eliminated since they are deadly poisons the body creates. After expelling with a long, lip-pursed sigh, pause 10 seconds, then repeat routine. A long slow inhaled breath – filling the lower lungs and expanding the lower floating ribs – then expel the air and again pause for 10 seconds; then repeat the entire cycle. Do 15 breathing exercises in morning and at night.

Deep Breathing Promotes New Brain Cells

One of the main solutions to creating more energy and better body and brain functioning lies in healthy foods and healthy lifestyle living. Unobstructed oxygen circulation and maintaining a vital, healthy elasticity of the cells and tissues is vitally important. The Salk Institute, La Jolla, CA (Web: shows that adults do generate new brain cells! Remember, oxygen is also a detoxifier. It’s like water detox fasting, it helps remove stored toxic poisons. The cleaner your body becomes through deep breathing, water fasting and an abundance of organic raw fruits and vegetables, the more your energy will increase! With a clean, purified body and an ample supply of oxygen you can enjoy a more youthful, energetic healthful body for a longer life.


The average person breathes in one-half liter of air with a typical, normal shallow breath. But deep breathers (athletes, singers, dancers, etc.) take in much more. In fact, the greatest amount of air that can be breathed in and out of healthy lungs is almost 5 liters (the full capacity of your lungs).

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